Planes, Trains, Automobiles

I successfully rode the train for the first time! This is a huge step for me, because my history with public transit has been rocky at best (aka I got on the wrong subway just last week). To travel to San Jose for work, I had a few options that didn't involve the train...and the most convenient choice that did. I'm not sure what it was about the train that troubled me so badly considering I take a subway under a large body of water each day, but for some reason I was NOT about it.

The train that runs through Oakland is Amtrak, and it actually covers a good portion of the US. It runs the entire length of California plus some, so it's far more popular among travelers as opposed to commuters. Now that I've experienced it, I'm so happy I did!

It's amazing starting in the fog of the city and breaking into the sunlight of the peninsula, and it's such a unique way to see the landscape. Though the conviction that we were going to crash never wholly faded, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy myself as well. I've been to the peninsula via car a few times but the different perspective was so refreshing.

I think I'd love taking a train trip one day for the experience of it. The train runs to quite a few major cities, so it would be a unique and exciting way to see the sights.