Guide to the Bay

With so many things to do here, it's baffling how difficult it is to actually find something to do. While the city is only 7 miles by 7 miles, the "Bay Area" has a much larger footprint. Additionally, relying on public transportation requires pre-planning, as it takes quite a bit of effort to get around town. As a resident or a tourist (I kind of consider myself a hybrid of both) it can be hard to narrow it down to things actually worth the effort of doing. It's no secret that I love to plan things, but sometimes it can be exhausting with so many resources. Thankfully, I've found quite a few websites that make planning activities fun again!

SF Fun Cheap // Definitely my most-used on this list. This is such a handy resource, and they specialize in things that are free, low cost, or that you can win tickets to. You can break it down by day and area of the Bay for the most seamless planning session ever. Things on the pricier side are often excluded, so it really depends on what you're looking for.

Rally (by Eventbrite) // This website services San Francisco, New York City, and LA. While it specializes more on roundups than specific events, it's a great resource for finding restaurants and bars that are a little off the beaten path.

Eventbrite // I'm not sure why more event organizers don't make use of this site! It's simple to use as an organizer and a consumer, completely free, and equips you with great search criteria. It's commonly used for concerts and festivals, but it can also be utilized for free events to get the word out!

Do The Bay // This is a fun site that's a good mix of concerts and general happenings. It doesn't have as large of a presence so I do find a lot of things that aren't on here, but it also features some fun events that I haven't seen elsewhere!

Whether you're visiting or living here, these are great resources to make the most of your time. Somewhere between wine country and Palo Alto you can find an event that suits you, or at least a free wine tasting special!