What I'm Loving | 7/23/17

Update, I got sunburned pretty badly. It's finally subsiding, but I have been SO itchy. I'm signed up for surfing lessons next week, but thankfully I'll be wearing a wetsuit for that. I've been totally swamped with work and extra-curricular activities, so I'm absolutely just taking time to recharge this weekend. Next week is surfing and a concert, and I think that part of adulthood is knowing when you need to proactively relax. I have such a difficult time taking it easy here since there's so many things to do, but sometimes you just have to force yourself to stay home.

Here's what I've been into this week!

Books :: Admittedly, I've been slacking here. Of course I love reading, but I just haven't been prioritizing it enough to have started a new book yet.

Listening :: Modern Love : The Podcast. SUCH a good series. It's readings of the essays that are published in the Modern Love section of the New York Times. They oftentimes will follow up with the writer or someone featured in the essay, and hearing them read is so powerful. Highly recommend.

Spare time :: Cleaning! It's amazing how you can feel like you're never home, but yet the house still gets so dirty. I spent some time over the weekend doing a deep clean, and boy do I feel better! I also headed to Nordstrom's to check out the anniversary sale yesterday, and they have a huge selection of items this year.

Style :: Madewell. I've heard of Madewell plenty of times before, but I finally made it to one of their stores over the weekend and I am highly impressed. It absolutely fits my style, and their prices are beyond reasonable. They're currently doing 30% extra off clearance, so head over and take a look!

This time next week I'll be a ~surfer gal~ so be on the lookout for lots of peace signs and "aloha"s. Or maybe just some injuries, who knows.