What I'm Loving

IMG_1726Happy Sunday! I don't know who decided that Friday and Monday should be so close together, but I think they made a grave mistake. Weekends are the best, and I think if every weekend was a three day weekend we'd all be a lot happier. Here's a quick roundup of what I've been loving lately!

Books :: I'm in between books right now, but the last one I finished was Yes Please. I'm a big Amy Poehler fan so getting to hear about her life was great. I also loved the portions where she talked about working on SNL back in the day! I think my next read will be The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I have not seen the movie but I've heard it's great, so I'm excited to read the book first!

Listening :: I've always enjoyed podcasts, and lately I've been incorporating them into my commute. I'm obsessed with Let's Not Panic. I actively look forward to them releasing new episodes, and their relationship dynamic is so entertaining! I also think if we met, we could be best friends. Additionally I quite enjoy the Modern Love podcast (by the New York Times) and try to keep up as they release new episodes of it.

Spare time :: Family time! My parents have been visiting this week and it's been great. It's their first time in SF and they are loving it! Unfortunately they leave tomorrow, but it's been so fun getting to show them around this past week.

Style :: I love these new shoes called Allbirds. I hadn't heard of them until last week, and since then I've seen them all over! They're made here in San Francisco and people swear they're the most comfortable shoes. I've needed a new pair of runners for a looong time so these are definitely on my list.

May your weeks be long and your weekends be short!