Travel Plans

img_1165.jpglove planning. Deciding on trips, recipes for the week, or even just weekend events is one of my favorite things. While we won't be taking a vacation anytime soon, I've started doing some preliminary travel planning for the places we want to see next! One great thing about California is how many fun things there are to see within a quick drive or flight! Granted we're definitely cut off from a lot of destinations back east, but I think the western half of the country will keep us busy for quite awhile.

Disney Land // Absolute number one on my list! I was definitely a "Disney kid" growing up, and I'm convinced that Disney World is actually the most magical place on earth. I've heard mixed reviews about Disney Land in comparison, but I still absolutely want to go see it! Disney Land is home to a lot more "hidden gems" thanks to Walt Disney's hand in creating the park, so I know it would be a great place to explore.

Banff // Talk about gorgeous! Harley has a cousin who lives here, and her Instagram page is full of beautiful scenery (that's basically her backyard!). There's so much to do here in the summer or the winter, and I'm itching to cross going out of the country off my bucket list!

Seattle // Seattle's been on my must see list for quite awhile, but it was such a trek from Tennessee. It's still an 8 hour drive from SF, but that's far more attainable than a cross-country vacation. Ideally, I would do a Seattle / Portland combination trip (and British Columbia, too!).

La Paz // This is a little different of a theme from the rest of these places, but when the fog rolls into the city I can't help but want to lay on the beach! La Paz is located on an inlet of Baja, and is less renowned compared to places like Cancun. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to go!

Believe me when I say that this list is a brief overview! I feel like I've barely scratched the surface when it comes to traveling, and I cannot wait to see more things.