Kitty Quirks

IMG_1369Anyone who knows me knows I love my cat. She's my little furry buddy, and I love having her around. However, she is weird, and sometimes quite difficult to live with. Mainly, it's just her food obsession that sets her apart. It started with turkey and escalated from there. Tortilla chips, Cheerios, Wheat Thins, or basically any other kind of crunchy thing is her favorite (and she is persistent!). She routinely pulls bags of tortilla chips out of the cabinet when we're not looking, and often rifles through the trash to see if there's anything she might like. If she could open containers, she'd be the person that eats the leftovers you'd been looking forward to all day.

When my actual room mate had a cat (who had proper diet control), Bird would often eat double her helping of food. For awhile, she was almost too fat to jump on the counters. Now that we're a single cat household, I got her an automatic feeder. Thankfully she doesn't wake me up at 6 AM for breakfast any longer, but she does sprint across the house as soon as she hears it go off.

She is also resistant to any kind of unsolicited affection, and especially hates being held. As long as she has her feather toy, her catstle, and her robot feeder, she's content. Until I leave for work, and then she wails by the door intermittently throughout the day. When I get home, to show how much she missed me, she sprints out the door and roams our apartment hallway for a few minutes before coming home.

Additionally, she always has to be included in the conversation, which she showcases by meowing loudly and consistently. She doesn't need anything, she just wants to be heard. Thankfully she's stopped doing that in the middle of the night for the most part, but the plane ride to California was an embarrassing affair.

Overall, having a cat is a delight. It teaches you a lot of things about the limits of your love and your patience. She takes up a startling portion of the bed and doesn't allow me to store anything on the counters, but she also keeps life fun and interesting every day. Cats are stereotyped as weird, and not without reason. There's no telling what random object she's going to deem a toy, or what she'll try to eat next, but that's also part of the fun!