Weekend Recap

IMG_1664.JPGUnfortunately my average weekends are nowhere near interesting enough to make this a tradition, but this past weekend was action-packed with many fun events. I was definitely too exhausted to function when Sunday evening came around, but we got to see a lot of great things so it was worth it! Through Harley's work, we were able to get free tickets to a festival that's brand new to the Bay Area, Id10t fest (pronounced "I D ten T" which we learned only after saying it incorrectly all day). It was about 45 minutes south of us, which was a wonderful excuse to visit Silicon Valley.

We visited the campuses of Apple, Facebook, and Google, which are far more spread out than you'd think. I'm not going to lie: I was a little disappointed! I mean, I've seen movies...I was expecting huge, lavish campuses with sun soaked lawns and executives riding segways. It turns out, the original Apple campus is between an Outback and a dollar store. I think they build a second campus elsewhere, so maybe it's more impressive! I'm also sure touring the inside of these places would give me an entirely different perspective, so maybe the Zuckerbergs will finally get around to adopting me.

After that, we headed to the festival, which was at a neat venue called Shoreline Amphitheater. We saw a few djs, Lord Huron, OK GO, and Weezer. I've loved punk rock since I was old enough to understand music, so seeing Weezer live was a dream come true!

Though we were exhausted, the next day we dragged ourselves to the San Francisco Pride Parade! This is one of the largest / oldest pride parades in the world, so it was quite a treat. I definitely would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so exhausted, but I'm still happy we got to experience it so quickly after moving to San Francisco. I will say it was pretty crazy...but after living here for a little bit it honestly wasn't anything too shocking. The city isn't typically that crazy, but it does redefine what you consider normal!

After that, I changed into my pajamas at 4 pm and ate fajitas, which is really all I ever want to do. It was delightful.