The Sense of Home

At least one of us is right at home!

Now that we're in a new city with new apartment and new furniture, I've come to realize the luxury of things like having more than one spatula or an excess of silverware. I know I've alluded to this a number of times, but I don't quite feel like this apartment is ours. It still feels like we're in a of transitional phase of renting a room, instead of being in our own place.

Interestingly enough, that's something I worried about extensively when I first moved into Harley's apartment. There was so much anxiety surrounding that not feeling like "our space" or me feeling like I was intruding, which honestly didn't happen in the slightest. Now that we're creating this space for ourselves, I've realized just how difficult carving out your own home together can be.

Part of it is that we still need some essentials like furniture pieces, but I have also learned how important my weird non-essentials were to me. Candles are absolutely not necessary for a home, but the fact that I haven't budgeted well enough to buy any is driving me insane. Throw pillows are another weird little luxury that I never thought I needed but I'm going crazy without!

I think a bigger piece of the puzzle is that this is the first time I've ever had to start "from scratch" in the moving process. While getting rid of all your possessions does sound liberating (and it is!) it's also more cumbersome than I imagined to build our collections back to what they once were. When I moved from my parents' house to the college dorm, not only did I have an entire summer with my mom to pick out essentials and decorations, but I also moved in with an RA who had lived there for the previous two years. All of the odds and ends you don't think of were already taken care of, so I was immediately able to come in and feel at home. From there, I moved into an apartment that was basically a dorm, so aside from a few additional kitchen things for (literally the world's smallest) kitchen, that was an immediate home too. After that, I moved into a house with 2 other girls, one of which who had been living there for five years. From there it was in to Harley's apartment, which was actually pretty well-outfitted for a bachelor pad! I guess I've always moved to homes, and never had to quite make one for myself. This is definitely challenging and frustrating, but something that I know will be a great experience.

I'm aware that all of these things will come in time and I'm more than a little crazy for expecting to be settled at once. I definitely have come to appreciate previous room mates with their generous spice cabinets and multiple cutting boards, because it really is the tiny touches that make a place feel lived in. Now I just need an unlimited money supply to get all of the little things and I'll be right at home!