Plant Life Update

Look at how well these guys are doing! I cannot believe that they made the journey, much less how much they've flourished.

Walking through neighborhoods here is like a mini succulent tour in itself! I think a lot of them must be native to the area because I've seen some the size of my head. If we ever get a house with a yard I will definitely try my hand at a full on succulent garden, but for now having the balcony is wonderful.

It's nice how private our patio is, but the high walls diminish the direct sunlight quite a bit. Since we don't have any outdoor furniture yet I elevated these on our cooler to get more light on them. The best spot for them was actually the living room window sill, but unfortunately curious kitty paws made that impractical! I definitely do want to get a table ASAP to get them up higher, but I've been trying to space out non-essential purchases where possible so porch improvements have been on the back burner.

As you can see in the back row, I'm propagating my Christmas Cactus (second from the left) which I'm quite excited about. Mama Christmas Cactus is on the far right, and this picture doesn't even do her justice. It originally comes from a clipping my Grandmother gave me, and hers is giant so I have high hopes for mine as well.

Whenever a plant loses a leaf I try to propagate it to keep growing my collection. The terra cotta pots in the front both have plants from my friend Tisha, who has an amazing succulent collection. I think these have some of her magic in them, because they've taken off quite well despite all the trouble I've put them through.

As much as I do want to live in San Francisco proper at some point, having a little succulent yard of my very own does sound extremely tempting! I don't think Bird will every quit loving dirt enough for me to feasibly have plants inside, so no matter where we go a little outside space will be very necessary!