Move, Phase One.

Phase one of the move is fully underway (aka the part where Harley drives across the country and I hang out with my family). Originally we were planning on leaving Chattanooga on Sunday, but since Harley's mom offered to help us we bumped up our move date to Saturday to give them more time for their drive. While that did lead to a week of panic-packing, now that it's all said and done things actually went much smoother than I imagined. With the help from our amazing parents, we got the entire apartment loaded up in about 3 hours to give you an idea!

It's amazing to me how easy it is to stress out about stuff, and the things I've become illogically attached to. Nothing makes you reevaluate what's important to you (logical or not) then having to determine whether it should make a 37 hour journey. While I had no trouble throwing away plates and glasses I've had since college, throwing out our tupperware assortment filled me with a deep sense of sadness. By that same token, Harley needed to keep his tshirt collection in it's entirety but had no problem leaving the majority of his hockey gear. I insisted on a few weird things too, like books, mugs, and of course the plants!

Currently, baby Bird and I are staying with my parents and Harley has completed the first leg of his journey. On Wednesday afternoon I'll be flying out from CHA, having a layover in CLT, and meeting Harley in SFO. We'll probably stay in our company-provided housing for a few days until our bed and furniture arrives, and then (finally!) we'll have a home again!

For someone with terrible anxiety I'm fairly resilient to change, but not having a home base definitely takes a toll on me. It doesn't help that I loved the apartment we lived at, and I'm going in nearly blind to our new place. I'm so sure everything will work out just fine, it's just hard to keep that in sight at times. I'm trying to focus on the exciting parts, like getting to furnish a new place and getting Bird a cat condo.

After the flight, I'll be sure to do a post about cats on planes, because I'm sure that will be quite an experience as well. Until then, I'm just trying not to panic.