"noun: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also :  an instance of this" While I don't consider my vocabulary large enough to have a word of the day, if I had one for today this would be it.

At the risk of sounding obsessive (or crazy!), I have been all consumed by this move. How to prepare for it, how to pack for it, how to not drive myself crazy with it (which clearly isn't working). I've been having dreams of touring apartments that don't exist, and the minute I wake up the first think I think of is the next thing I have to do.

So yeah, obsessive might honestly be a good word.

However, the most chaotic times also produce the most beautiful things, and I've tried to not lose sight of this. We've been slowly telling people who aren't immediate family over the past two days, and while that has lead to some sad conversations it has also lead to an outpour of support and well wishes.

I'm not a "facebook for life events" kind of person and tend to hate announcements of any kind, but when you have to sell all of your large pieces there really is no better way. Within minutes of posting, not only did we receive a high volume of people from past lives congratulating us, but we also sold four out of seven pieces of furniture! I guess there really is power in networking.

The kindness of everyone has made this difficult process less taxing, and has shown me what wonderful people I've built a life with. We've all known that toxic friend who talks down your happiness and discourages you from growth, but I can honestly say that there have been no naysayers throughout this production. I am overwhelmingly appreciative of everyone's offers of help and congratulations (and buying my furniture, of course!).

Ultimately, all that truly matters is that we have each other and Bird (and my succulents...and my mugs...more on my irrational "must haves" later in the process). While it's easy to get caught up in the semantics of the ordeal, it's important to be able to let the serendipitous moments snap you out of that as often as you can.