Eating Elephants and Hauling Boxes

If the answer to "How do you eat an elephant?" is "One bite at a time." then the answer to "How do you move yourself across the country?" must be "By throwing everything away." Though I know it's impractical, I have never been so stricken by the urge to throw away everything I own.

Harley will be driving to California so we will have some space, but considering he drives a small car that really isn't much. I'll be flying and checking a bag, which will maybe take care of all of my clothes. From there, we're just left with all of this stuff that fills our shelves and cabinets that no longer has a home.

It seems like all the forums I've read are either from people who are renting storage cubes to get everything hauled across the states, or people who are already looking to downsize and getting rid of everything they've ever loved. We're in-between, in the type of situation where our things aren't quite worth the price of a storage cube, but we still have all these random items we'd just have to repurchase when we arrive (Tupperware, spice cabinet items, bath towels, etc.). Then there's the things that I am irrationally unable to part with, such as my extensive book and mug collection that we're just going to have to figure out a solution for.

While I'm a big fan of purging, I'm not a big fan of having to throw out perfectly good items and replace them all with higher priced California equivalents. I guess we'll just get some boxes from the liquor store and hope for the best.